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Абсолютный зачет 2018 года:

1 УСПЕНСКИЙ Сергей 220
2 РОСТИЛОВ Денис 204
3 ЛОТВИНОВ Илья 148
4 ЩЕРБАКОВ Павел 141
5 КАЗАКОВ Владислав 122
6 ОСИПОВ Александр 118
7 ВОРОНОВ Дмитрий 115
8 ТРАВНИКОВ Станислав 90
9 МАКАРОВ Вадим 88
10 ПОПОВ Сергей 85
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Rally Tecnika



Патрик Флодин (Швеция)The company has gained much valuable experience in preparation and full assembling of sport cars: bodywork, software, car tuning and other necessary settings. Using the equipment which has no analogues in Russia, "URT"'s high-skilled specialists carry out the R&D of parts for Group N sport cars and successfully implement their endeavors into practice.
In 2005 the unique production and technical facilities of the "URT" company ("Uspenskiy Rally Tecnica") contributed to obtaining the STi (Subaru Tecnica International) agent contract for preparation and sales of Subaru sport cars.

"URT" conducts engineering guidance and technical maintenance of Subaru cars on rounds of the Russian Rally Championship and the Cup, providing them with authentic spare part by STi. The cars, built and prepared in "URT", are always among the best in all racing categories.

The "Uspenskiy Rally Tecnica" today:
Building of sport cars
• Rent of sport cars and technical maintenance at competitions
• Organisation of sport competitions
• Sport management
• Racing tyres and spares for sport and car tuning
• Sergey Uspenskiy' Academy of Speed
• R&D department
• PR and media service

Андреас Миккельсон (Норвегия)Specialists of "URT" carry out management in different kinds of motorsport for the leading Russian drivers and crews at any level, including the World Rally Championship.
Driving an "URT"-prepared car in 2005, Sergey Uspenskiy became the Russian champion. In 2006, taking part in PCWRC behind the wheel of Subaru Impreza, the "URT" crew of Alexander Dorosinskiy and Dmitriy Eremeev took podium position on Rally New Zealand in the Production category. And on the final round of the 2008 World Rally Championship the "URT"-built car took a dominant victory in the Production category. For the first time since its launch a Subaru Impreza car of the new generation had reached the top spot of the podium. The Swedish crew of Patrik Flodin and Goran Bergsten were driving the car for the 2nd time after they had won the final round of the Russian Championship in Velikie Luki one month before. And eventually they triumphed on a round of the World Championship among production-based cars (PCWRC).

"Citroen Sport Russia", being an "URT"-affiliated company, is the exclusive representative of the French sports department "Citroen Sport" in Russia. Citroen sport cars, and there have been about 80 of them prepared, have won national championships and series not only in rallying, but also in circuit racing and winter tracks. It were these cars that provided a perfect and modern basis for training the most of young talented drivers, who have come to the Russian motorsport recently. That is also the aim of the first ever rally monocup in Russia - Citroen Cup, - the winner of which gets a drive on a round of the World Rally Championship as the main prize.

Евгений Вертунов (Россия)"URT" is the only representative of the sport tyres department of the MICHELIN Company in Russia. A special tyre service, equipped with all necessary tools and accessories, follows all rounds of the Russian Championship. Specialists of the service give comprehensive assistance to all professional teams in providing them with tyres.

In 2006 the "URT" company signed a contract for being an exclusive agent of the "TEIN" company, which is a Japanese manufacturer of car-tuning and sport suspensions, in the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. All Subaru cars run by the "URT" team have been equipped with TEIN suspension since 2006.

Preparation and tuning of engines is carried out both for sport cars and the own tuning shop. The "Super Flow" engine stand, being most powerful in Europe, allows working on practically any type of engines irrespective of the crankshaft's hand of rotation and with the power of more than 1000 bhp.

The "URT" tuning shop carries out a range of operations on individual tuning of cars with due consideration of customers' desires.

Another "URT" project also began its work in 2006 - Sergey Uspenskiy' Academy of Speed, which enables amateur drivers to acquire skills of safe and efficient driving. The Academy's primary idea is to reveal the secrets of handling and the advantages of a four-wheel drive, which is the main distinguishing feature of all Subaru cars. The Academy's fleet consists of such powerful cars as Subaru Impreza WRX and Citroen C4 which were specially prepared by "URT". All lessons are conducted individually. In addition, the Academy offers special courses for professional drivers, with some lessons being held at a training track of the "URT" team in the Tverskaya region.

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